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Growing heart in business

For over 25 years we have been delivering leadership and culture development strategies that help organisations gain, train and retain talent.

Who We Are

Achievement Concepts is a boutique consultancy with over 25 years experience working globally with organisations to gain, train and retain talent by developing culture, leaders and individuals. By growing heart in business we are transforming the character of the business world.

What We Do

Our Smart with Heart approach is to use personal growth tools that become the catalyst to develop heart in business that aligns with Strategy, Structure, Systems and Results. We drive client value using our MAC = V process.

How We Do It (MAC=V)





Breakthrough character and interpersonal skills development programs



Ongoing coaching for consistent development



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↑ Time Management
↑ Productivity & Performance
↓ Recruitment Fees


Attract Talent
Gain-Train-Retain high performance staff
Grow Resilience

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Improve Culture
Great Place to Work


↑ Innovation

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Customer Satisfaction

Smart with Heart









Outdoor Activities

Achievement Concepts custom designs practical experiential outdoor activities and scenarios based on client’s specific business outcomes and objectives. The activities are aligned to the learning outcomes of the program. AC does not do teambuilding games or just take people for an abseil. All activities are strategically aligned to learning outcomes.


Growing heart in business.

The quality of one’s life, character and leadership comes from the attitude of the heart.

Heartstyles measures the spiritual and emotional drivers of behaviour:
humility — love — pride — fear

Client Industries

We have worked with clients in the following industries:

  • Banking
  • Health Care
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods — global restaurant chain
  • Advertising
  • Credit Unions
  • Religious Organisations
  • Retail
  • Armed Forces
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Financial Services

Recent Projects

The senior leadership team of a Dallas-based $9 billion FMCG company requested facilitation to reassess the vision of the business and to bond their team. Over four days Achievement Concepts guided strategic business discussions and then facilitated character development which culminated in a session on personal forgiveness. The client said the facilitators were “invisible then highly effective”.

Popular restaurant chain in NSW, Australia wanted to measure and develop their culture down to the Assistant Restaurant Manager level. AC partnered with the client to first design an overall strategy then to implement programs where areas were introduced to Smart with Heart culture and data collected for measurement. AC then debriefed the results and spent time at store-level listening to what can improve the culture.

Restaurant chain employing 16,000 people in the UK wanted to be early adopters of Heartstyles to get character development into their stores. In early 2012 AC rolled out Heartstyles and since have accredited 24 people and have facilitated Operations Managers in a Heartstyles Personal Development Course.

An outdoor advertising company in Australia & New Zealand approached AC to develop their high-potentials and transform culture. AC designed the Personal Effectiveness Program (PEP) for high-potentials, the Executive Development Program (for the Directors) and a culture development program which has been their measure of culture since. Run yearly, PEP introduces self-awareness and character development giving participants clear personal direction relatively early in their careers.

Our History

In 1987 Stephen Klemich founded Achievement Concepts with the objective of building character in the corporate world. One of the first in the corporate world to combine outdoor adventure with learning management skills and concepts, AC has matured and refined over the years to continue using the outdoors to develop character in a much deeper way and consequently we are privileged to work at the executive level of many global brands who are hungry to develop their Smarts and Hearts.